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About us

Works based on the science created by Grigori Grabovoi, such as resurrection, rejuvenation, event management, business recovery, diagnostics, regeneration, application of various methods for the treatment of diseases.
Every method of Grigori Grabovoi’s science is designed for people to open up individual creation and, through personal creation, opens the way to eternal life. Creating comprehensively, consciousness is filled with the knowledge of the soul that Grigori Grabovoi will bring.
Our whole goal is to convey to each person clearly and informatively the information on how to work with the knowledge of the soul. The author expresses gratitude for science so that everyone feels the importance of knowledge in their lives. Everyone who has passed the foundation of this teaching would feel like an honourable, loving and rich person on earth.
The teaching system we developed, which we knew and passed on to the people of the world, was based on the fundamental technologies of science developed by Grigori Grabovoi. From there, all the informative information was gathered, from the daily concentration to the resurrection through which individual personal creation opened up.
Therefore, we will pass on this teaching process to humanity as a fundamental supreme perfection of spirituality.
And that means the biggest motto of our lives is to go further and move forward. This is the main initial stage of life, as a fundamental system that allows giving to every person, as much as the created realm of the realities of Eternal life allows to master and know